Video as Larry Hayden plays lively guitar solo – The Horse And Rider Fell Into The Sea"

CLICK HERE to view Larry Hayden playing the guitar solo of “The Horse And Rider Fell Into The Sea”.

This song is also known as “The Song Of Moses” because it is the song taken from the bible after the event described where Pharoah’s men
who were chasing the children of Israel on horseback, all drowned as God opened up the Red Sea for the Israelites to cross on dry land but caused the waters to close up again after the Israelites were on dry ground. And yes, I believe it.

Larry Hayden, Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter
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The lyrics are:

I will sing unto the Lord for he hath triumped gloriously,

The Horse and Rider fell into the sea.






Biography of Larry Hayden – Christian Singer, Lead Guitarist, Songwriter

Larry Hayden is recording artist – Christian singer, lead guitarist, and song writer.

He is 66 years of age and he has been a Christian bible-believing follower of Jesus since 1965.

He served as worship leader for several churches.

Larry is someone who just LOVES music!

He Loves singing and playing guitar, writing lyrics and music, and especially recording music,
especially inspirational music honoring the Lord.

He has played with many bands, singing and playing lead guitar for over 30 years.

His main instrument is the guitar, but he also plays bass and some piano.

Larry likes to quip “I have been playing the guitar for 49 years…I am hoping to get the hang of it soon…”

Listen to his music CD’s online and see what you think:

 Videos and other Christian ministry resources are there for you too.

Larry Hayden
Singer, Lead Guitarist, Songwriter
Christian Music, Oldies and more

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You are all cordially invited to come take a look. There are videos of me singing and playing the guitar, guitar instrumentals and much more.


Larry Hayden
Singer, lead guitarist, songwriter