new Video of Larry Hayden guitar solo of "Spirit Song"

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Spirit song was written by pastor John Wimber, founder of The Vineyard, a large church organization in the U.S.

John has gone to be with the Lord now, but he left the world a far better place with his teaching and music.

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This is my first post about myself and my music website at where you will find my many CD’s to listen to for free. You can buy one, if you must. Hmm. Where are the smiley faces here in WordPress? Huh? Oh, here’s one now –> :)

Hey I have been around so long I hesitate to buy green bananas.  Think about it….

Seriously I am not that old, but I have been singing and playing the guitar and writing songs for 49 years.
I am hoping to be able to get the hang of it soon.  :) <–Look! a yellow smiley face!

 Next year it will be 50 years. That is because I can add 1 plus 49.  Trying to be funny. Yeah, I know, I just failed.

I think you will like my music, in spite of reading this blog.  If you do like it please let me know. If you don’t, well……(blogger has left the room).

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