666 The Mark Of The Beast

The website link below is pretty interesting, discussing The Bible Book of Revelation Chapter 13 about the Mark of The Beast.

I am not saying that everything is correct at this website but it has some very interesting commentary which does line up with scripture very well.

She states her opinion as to WHAT YEAR the mark of the beast will be required (not the day and the hour since Jesus clearly said the NOONE knows the day and they hour)

Noone can say if her stated year is right or not, but she does give some in depth reasoning for her opinion. Here is the website:


But if we are born again as explained by Jesus Himself in John Chapter 3, we do not have to be afraid of these events when they transpire.
God does have a plan to deliver His people from sin and wickedness.
God does have a plan to bring everlasting righteousness into their lives.
God has a plan to bring the sin in the world to an end

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